Q: Can membership in a local chapter help me?
A: Absolutely! By joining a local Manhood Mentorship-affiliated chapter, you will gain access to:
Networking Opportunities – Create a network with the HR professionals and companies in your community. Tap into the knowledge of your peers to gain insight on how other local organizations handle various human resource situations, procedures, policies, etc. Learn about career advancement opportunities you may not otherwise know about.

Career Resources – Take advantage of local professional development learning opportunities that support Manhood Mentorship’s competency model, throughout every step of your career. Discover up-to-date information on pending federal and state legislation that may impact your company’s operations.

Professional Development Opportunities – Leadership skills development opportunities include taking on a volunteer leadership role in your local chapter.

You will have the opportunity to earn professional development credits (PDCs) for attending chapter programming approved for Manhood Mentorship-CP and Manhood Mentorship SCP recertification.

Q: How do I join a chapter or obtain more information on the location of a chapter?
A: Go to manhoodmentorship.com/chapters to locate all Manhood Mentorship-affiliated chapters in your local area. Contact the chapter via its website or send them a message. (Currently, we only have 2 locations so we will just add the 2 addresses on there. Eventually, we will add the zip code locator we spoke about.)

Q: As a Manhood Mentorship member, am I automatically a member of a local chapter?
A: No. Manhood Mentorship membership is separate from membership in your local chapter. Each chapter has its own membership application process and dues structure. To become a member of your local chapter, you will need to apply for membership directly with that particular chapter.

Q: As a member of my local chapter, am I automatically a Manhood Mentorship member?
A: No. To learn more about the benefits of Manhood Mentorship and how to join, visit manhoodmentorship.com/contact.

Q: Can I belong to more than one Manhood Mentorship chapter?
A: Yes. You can belong to as many chapters as you desire, but one will be considered your “primary chapter” for receiving financial support from Manhood Mentorship. Bottom line, becoming a member of Manhood Mentorship and a local chapter is a winning combination.